Plaza Roosevelt

A neighborhood-driven plan to enhance health, education, and economic opportunities for the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood.


Our Process

Inclusive Development

This development will be built on more than 5 acres of land along Grandville Ave in Roosevelt Park Neighborhood – a site that residents have deemed “Plaza Roosevelt.” Plaza Roosevelt will be the realization of a neighborhood-driven plan to enhance health, education, and economic opportunities for neighborhood residents.



Listening to neighbors


The site planning process is based on values of equitable development and community engagement. See how residents have been planning Plaza Roosevelt.


Bringing people together

Working in Partnership


Along with continued neighborhood engagement and a Resident Partner Committee, Habitat Kent is bringing other local organizations together to plan for and develop Plaza Roosevelt, including Grand Rapids Public Schools, Dwelling Place, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, Ferris State University, the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan, and the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association.




Roosevelt Park Neighborhood

The Roosevelt Park Neighborhood is located in southwest Grand Rapids, MI. Roosevelt Park is a neighborhood full of resources – from the skill and expertise of individual residents to the institutions that have focused on areas like education and housing. The Plaza Roosevelt development seeks to build upon the strengths of the neighborhood by elevating resident ideas and leadership, creating space for the community to gather, and increasing opportunities for resident ownership.

This project reflects our hopes and dreams - to be a place where we can raise strong and healthy families.
— Reggie Smith, RPNA Board President